Our Services

We create unique experiences

We create that special indoor paradise for each unique client with unique & customizable desires, and how we intend to execute that plan. Value Design creates designs that will have the potential to add value to your property with proper project planning.

We help you conceive beautiful surroundings that increase in worth with time. We perceive every job as an opportunity and an obligation to our client, the community, and the environment. Our talented designers bring years of experience — We’ll make sure that your space isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also a reflection of you.

Designing & Planning

Designing & Planning involves understanding the client’s requirements, preferences, and budget, and then developing a comprehensive design solution that includes space planning, sketches, 3d visualization – selection of materials, furniture, colors, lighting, and other elements to optimize the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Build (Execution)

Execution phase ensures that the design vision is accurately translated into reality. We oversee the entire process, ensuring that the materials used and the craftsmanship meet the desired quality standards. We also manage any changes or adjustments that may arise during the implementation to ensure that the final result aligns with the original design intent.

Turnkey-Project Solutions

The turnkey approach is ideal for clients who prefer a seamless and hands-off experience, as it allows them to leave the entire project in the capable hands of the interior design firm like us, who takes care of all the details from conception to completion. It provides a comprehensive and cohesive solution, resulting in a well-designed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing interior space without the need for the client to manage individual tasks or coordinate various professionals.

OUR WORK PROCESS starts with

Analysis, determining needs.

Developing conceptual design plans (space planning).

Creating functional diagrams or moodboards.

3d modeling - prototypes building, visualization & rendering.

Cost estimation.

Execute at site as per design & specification.